About Us
Welcome To Meinigar Studioz
The significant role of fine arts in facilitating education, emotional well-being and communal development is inevitable and it connects various missing gaps in history thereby elucidates surprising and interesting discoveries. However, the current epoch bombards and pollutes the purity of almost all art forms and sidelines the art into darkness challenged perpetually by varied political, technological, economical and emotional threats. The romance between arts and human history is loosened and the future of this earthen fabric doesn't appear positive.
The possible solution that recuperates could be found undoubtedly in decoding our history and heritage. Artist.Gnanasooriyan,the founder of this studio, - a focussed artist and observer of history and its direct propensity with arts has guided various students' community across India.The signature approach of the studio lies in our unique teaching methodology where learning happens in a more personalised manner. The participants are motivated to discover their own style and artistic ability before they are channelised to understand the art in a comprehensive way. Meinigar has its growth and intellectual ability professionally nurtured through consistent practice, experiments and research since its inception in 2005 A.D. The fortunate and additional strength of this studio lies in its geographical location, Tharamangalam, Tamilnadu, which is well recognized for it's phenomenal heritage and historical treasures.
Meinigar Mission
The principal interest focuses on investigating and practising the potential and lateral dynamics of art forms and it's symbiotic bond with culture, history and heritage. Meinigar believes and envisions a world where folk arts could emerge from its burial and formulate as a medium which reflects the life and heart of tribal communities.The deeper core of studio lies in our inclination on providing the passionate generations seamless and comprehensive knowledge of fine arts.
Meinigar Vision
To instill art into every phase of life by renewing the inherent but ignored artistic capability of human culture found throughout history and sculpt the future with more sentient tools.